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Case: Solido

Solido now keep better track of their power consumption

For more than three decades, Solido has supplied hosting, network and IT solutions to Danish and foreign companies. The company, which is originally from Århus, has its head office in Copenhagen. To service global demand, Solido also has data centres in Copenhagen, Luxembourg, New York and Hong Kong.

Solido has succeeded in attracting multinational businesses and many of Denmark’s largest companies, such as Carlsberg, Vestas and TDC Play. It provides its customers with a  combination of international hosting, platform operation, and carrier-class Internet connections, but is especially known for its competences within IPv6 and load balancing, network redundancy and global networking solutions.

Powerapp collects data from around the world

The combination of growth, rising electricity prices and an increased focus on protecting the environment meant that Solido needed a better overview of its electricity usage for customer invoicing.

The establishment of data centres in many parts of the world presented challenges with manual Electricity meter reading. Electricity meter readings needed to be automated as customers wanted to be able to log on and track their own power consumption. This meant the user interface needed to be altered so it was easy to read and highly intuitive.

Helps Solido to plan and optimise

For Solido, the Powerapp solution has another clear advantage. Different traditions and the use of suppliers mean that Solido has a mix of electricity meters in its data centres around the world. Powerapp can communicate with all of them, so the solution is built directly on top of the existing infrastructure. It made the implementation easier and gives flexibility in decisions about services from other data centres.

“With Powerapp we have gained a better insight into our power consumption. This means that we can upgrade the power capacity before we overload the infrastructure and also check cooling as power consumption increases. With reports from Powerapp, we have optimised our solutions and advised the customers about theirs. This has led to concrete savings for us, as well as for our customers”, concludes Christer Hasse.

“With Powerapp we have gained a better insight into our power consumption”

Christer Hasse, Solido

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