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MID FAQ – Germany

Questions answered by: PTB

About PTB: Whether we put fuel in our cars, the sat-navigation keeps us on track or our blood sample is tested in the laboratory − metrology permeates our everyday life. The approx. 1900 staff members of PTB work at the world class level to make measurements increasingly more precise and reliable and to support the German economy through its research and development.


Q: Do colocation providers have to use MID certified energy meters when billing customers for their energy usage?

A: Yes, the Measures and Verification Act (MessEG) requires any customer being billed for a quantity of electricity supplied to be billed through a meter of an approved pattern or construction and installed in an approved manner. Until the 30th of October 2006, all meters were approved under German national legislation. Since this date meters have also been approved under the MID. From the 30th of October 2016, all new meters placed on the market must be approved under the MID. However nationally approved meters can continue in use, and continue to be repaired or refurbished, for as long as they conform to the legal requirements.

Q: Are ‘Billing grade’ or ‘ANSI’ approved meters approved for the billing of electricity?

A: No, all meters must be approved either under German national legislation, or under the MID.

Q: Are there any special requirements when billing colocation customers with a power usage in the range of 0-99kW and +100kW?

A: No, MID approved meters must be used when billing any amount of active electrical energy.

Q: Is a periodical verification required once the MID meter is installed?

A: Electrical meters must be verified every 8 years.

Q: We just charge a flat rate per contracted Amp or kW and not per kWh, must we use MID?

A: If a customer is being billed for the quantity of electricity supplied, they must be billed through an approved electricity meter.

Q: Is there a fine for non-compliance with the MID legislation?

A: Where a customer is being charged for a quantity of electricity supplied, it is an offence under the Measures and Verification Act to supply the electricity through a meter that is not of an approved pattern or construction, or is not installed in an approved manner.

Q: How can one tell if the meter is MID certified?

A: MID meters are required to carry the CE and metrology “M” markings as shown below:

CE and “M” mark followed by last two digits of the year in which the CE marking was affixed (i.e. 16 = 2016)

XXXX denotes the number of the notified body that is involved in the production control phase.

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